Production day
Feeling a bit fragile today, which in my opinion is a very good state to be in for music production. Or at least for inspiration. My songs are usually more upbeat and have more drive in them than the song I'm working on today but I decided that it's OK to be fragile and soft once in a while.
This is my workstation. I always put different colours on the tracks to separate them and keep it tidy-looking! ...But mostly I just do it because it's pretty with loads of different colours and it makes it more fun to look at.
I use Cubase for music production. It's a brilliant software and I've never felt more free in the creative process than since I started using it. If you're wondering what DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to get, I strongly suggest you give Cubase a go!
I've been having writers block for some time and went through my massive folder of forgotten ideas and stumbled on a little loop of ca 10 secs I made sometime long ago and just left in the void to die. Listening to that loop sparked some inspiration and suddenly I'm half-way done with a new song! Already recording vocals now but took a break to write this post. But now I'm gonna dive back into it!
xxx / s a p p H o