Production day
Feeling a bit fragile today, which in my opinion is a very good state to be in for music production. Or at least for inspiration. My songs are usually more upbeat and have more drive in them than the song I'm working on today but I decided that it's OK to be fragile and soft once in a while.
This is my workstation. I always put different colours on the tracks to separate them and keep it tidy-looking! ...But mostly I just do it because it's pretty with loads of different colours and it makes it more fun to look at.
I use Cubase for music production. It's a brilliant software and I've never felt more free in the creative process than since I started using it. If you're wondering what DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to get, I strongly suggest you give Cubase a go!
I've been having writers block for some time and went through my massive folder of forgotten ideas and stumbled on a little loop of ca 10 secs I made sometime long ago and just left in the void to die. Listening to that loop sparked some inspiration and suddenly I'm half-way done with a new song! Already recording vocals now but took a break to write this post. But now I'm gonna dive back into it!
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Native Instruments Maschine 2
I just love Native Instruments Maschine 2 for beatmaking! The interface is easy and efficient to use and the hardware is very good and looks fantastic! Since I bought it I have used it for pretty much every beat I've made.
Maschine has many nice expansions with drum and instrument samples but can easily be used with any other sample-banks you already have. I have the black Maschine because I prefer it to the white one.
Here Is a close-up showing some of the interface. Lots of effects, easy to use software with handy click & drag audio or MIDI-bounce and loads more. Definitely recommend this product!
Give some nerd the best present ever!
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AKG C214

Microphone Type: Condenser

Polar Pattern: Cardioid 
Diaphragm Size: 1" (25.4mm) 
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz 
Low Cut Filter: 160Hz (-6dB/octave) 
Pads: -20dB 

Connector: XLR

The AKG C214 is the younger sibling of AKG's C414 Condenser. The AKG C214 uses the same one-inch dual-capsule as the C414 and is perfect for vocals as well as a range of other instruments. However on the C414 you can change the Polar Pattern as it is a multidirectional microphone. The C214 doesn't have this option and works only as a cardioid. The sound you get from this microphone is highly-detailed, up-front sound on both voices and instruments with an overall performance close to that of the famous C414 B-XLS but for a third of the price.

I highly recommend this microphone is you are looking for a good and stable vocal microphone. I recorded all the vocals on my album 'Protagonist' with it, except for the song 'You' (and the word "do" in "Do your opinions" in the song 'Voices' Haha but as if you noticed it until maybe now that you know. The word 'Do' I recorded with a different microphone (Line Audio CM3), a different year, a different room in a different country and carefully edited it in. Why? Because I said "Does your opinions" which annoyed me to the max).

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