aRia sappHo - High
Finally finished my new song "High". Inspired by all the bullshit that's going on in the world right now. Been so fed up with all the politics, war, Christmas since October, patriarchy and what have you and just wanted to go away for a bit and hide from the world. So I did, and produced this song. Click the image to play!
/ s a p p H o

After some spoken word and inspiration gathering I produced a downtempo chill beat as a start. I will now let the beat sink in a little and let Peach practise some words to it and get a flow going before we do any recording. It's been a good productive day!

Production Wednesday...

Sitting in the studio listening to Peach do some rapping and spoken word. Trying to get in the right mood to produce a beat suitable for his voice and style. Probably going in the "Jesse James Solomon" direction. A sort of laid back spoken rap. Don't really have much inspiration to produce music for myself today so to keep busy I thought a completely new project for someone else would be a nice change of pace.